Skin Care Tips: Hiding Large Pores

You Can’t Change Their Size, but You Can Hide Them

Large pores are a problem for many women, preventing us from having the smooth-looking skin we desire. There are a myriad of face washes, masks, and other products that promise to shrink pores, but this is an impossibility.


Pore size is related to oil production, which is genetic (read this research). You can’t change the size of your pores any more than you can change the size of your eyes or ears.

However, there are products you can use that will hide the pores, as well as products you should avoid, which accentuate them.

As a teenager, I tried all sorts of products that promised to shrink my pores, but I never found one that worked. Luckily, I came across this site called that talks about best pore minimizing products. They have products review as well as some good advices. I later learned that the effect of these products is temporary at best - they may provide a tightening of the skin, but it doesn’t last very long.

It’s very important to avoid products that will make big pores look even bigger. One example is mineral makeup, the most famous example being Bare Minerals (although there are dozens of similar products now on the market). When I tried a sample of a product at a salon, I was amazed to find that the pores on my nose and cheeks looked enormous - almost as if someone had drawn dots all over my face with a black pen. I have heard from many other women who experienced the same problem with mineral makeup, so if you have large pores, make sure to try before you buy.

Another product to be cautious of is shimmer, whether it’s in a gel, liquid or powder. A bit of shimmer on the cheeks can create a lovely highlighting effect, but if you have large pores there, adding shimmer is like shining a spotlight on them. When you use shimmer, it is wise to avoid placing it on areas that have noticeable wrinkles or large pores.

Make sure that your pores are clean. Pores that are clogged or dirty will be all the more noticeable. In addition to daily cleansing, consider adding a Beta Hydroxy Acid (also known as salicylic acid) to your skincare routine. This exfoliant can get into the pore to improve cell turnover and get rid of dead skin cells that are clogging it up.

Now onto hiding the pores. There is one product I have found that sort of acts like spackle for your face. It is Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. It fills in your pores, making them almost seem to disappear. It also has a slight mattifying effect, which is helpful because oily skin and large pores often go hand in hand. I apply this to my nose and cheeks after applying an oil control product (see my article on oily skin for more information), and I then have a smooth, almost “porcelain” effect on my skin.

While you can’t change the pores you were born with, if you follow these steps, as well as this tips, your skin can still look great.

Aug 7

Younger, Firmer, Beautiful Skin is Just a Laser Beam Away

The Latest Technology Without Surgery or Injections

Have you considered a safer alternative to beautiful skin without the use of injections or surgery? There are many age defying new treatments to consider in 2014-2015. If you have larger, obvious pore sizes, you can cover them perfectly with this tips.

Here is a list of the latest technology for beautiful, anti-wrinkled skin:

  1. Beurer SoftLaser Therapy - This is a low level laser for personal use. This product activates cell activity, beneficial on acne and other skin ailments and has been shown to reduce wrinkles. It encourages skin rejuvenation and collogen stimulation and provides safe, intense treatment if needed to trouble skin conditions. Most people relate laser therapy to eyes and surgery but these are very high powered. This home laser therapy is safe, painless and very effective. This particular laser therapy can do the following for you:
  1. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Reduces sun damage
  3. Fades age spots
  4. Fades freckles
  5. Eliminates Spider Veins
  6. Gently lifts and firms skin
  7. Reduces overall redness and flushing
  8. Restores natural cell activity levels
  9. Helps with skin problems such as acne, stretch marks, small scars,blackheads, eczema, softens chapped lips
  10. Helps wound healing

Cost - $159

  1. DPL ™ Deep Penetrating Infrared Light - Infrared Therapy was first researched by NASA as a source of wound care and was found to reverse and control visible signs of aging. While this home system is more expensive, it has been shown to:

1. Tighten your skin
2. Smooth wrinkle and rough spots
3. Help with blemishes and shrink pore size
4. Promotes collage production
5. Increases lymphatic system activity and increase RNA and DNA synthesis.
6.It can be used to soothe achy, tired muscles. DPL ™ also boast on being excellent for wound healing.
It is very portable and lightweight despite its size. Cost - $349.99 (Break it down to $1 a day for skin care for a year)

  1. ClearWave Phototherapy Skin Care - Boast of clearing your skin naturally by combining scientifically tested anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory power found in natural blue and red wavelengths found in natural sunlight. The blue light causes the self-destruction of acne and the red light accelerates the skin’s healing process. Helps to treat cystic Acne and prevent future scarring. This therapy is all natural and a new way to treat acne for beautiful skin. Dermatological studies suggest that light at these wavelengths provided by the ClearWave has the power to safely wipe out blemishes and the harmful acne causing bacteria while also reducing the skin’s inflammation in the pores.

Cost - $189 with goggles Not intended to remove any previous acne scarring.

If you prefer the old fashion method of treating blemished skin with gentle,natural cleansers to tighten, freshen and cleanse then the ProActiv system is for you:

ProActiv Solutions for beautiful skin - Endorsed by Kelly Clarkson and Vanessa Williams this product is all natural and if the system is followed it WORKS!

Proactiv Solution is a revolutionary, dermatologist-developed Combination Therapy® system that helps the skin heal the blemishes you have now - and helps stop new ones from forming - in three quick, easy steps. From $19.95 - $59.95


Jul 9

Which is the most effective method to get the pores minimized?

It is in the best interest of all the women whose facial pores have become quite large. Approaching the best skin specialists might help a little. What makes most women feel better is their choice. Proactively take care of just how well do they look and try to devise ways to stay away from all forms of dangerous outcomes. Get moving on the right track and be there like a person who has never looked back when it comes to getting the right kind of beauty treatment.

Reduce The Burden:

Set your locked face free from the mirror and let it breathe. Listen to what your heart says and stop prattling or cribbing about the pores that are larger enough to make you look ugly.

If you have good beauty-care products that make you get the kind of looks that you desire, give them a try. Results could be cool.

If some suggest that usage of astringents might not solve the problem at all, try not using them, however, if skin care experts suggest that you ought to apply certain products that might reduce the burden from your shoulders, get the best ones out there for you.

If there are some products that look and feel like something cool has been applied on your face, and relaxes you just as the expert has told, get it for yourself.

Getting home-made treatment might help as well. You are never going to feel that you ought not to attend social gatherings, while the treatment is on.

Looks matter and if you got the right kinds, you won’t have to feel ever that you lack something. Facial treatments ought to be given to those ladies who are trying to fight against crazy situations, when they look null and void.

Perfect White Marble:

How great would it be for a woman or even a teenage girl to get the feel of a healthy looking young skin, that they look like beauties when they are going out to attend some occasion where they are required to look tremendously perfect pieces made of white marble. You are going to be one such lady.

Best pore minimizers and good makeup kit also creates the perfectly refined after-effect as the woman who might be looking to come out wearing some sensible make up as she goes out to a party.

Impressed with the presence of a lady who has the luster of her perseverance and patient smile donning her face, standing confidently wearing just the right clothing; you too might want that everything ought to be the same with you as it has been going on with your role model.

Jul 9

For those of you looking for a fantastic moisturizer, I highly recommend Physiogel AI cream… I have made a post on this cream before, but I felt the need to reiterate just how amazing this stuff is. It helps protect skin from free radicals,regenerates skin’s protective barrier, helps relieve redness in dry, sensitive skin and is also non-comedogenic.
This is the best moisturizer I have ever used… so far ;)


For those of you looking for a fantastic moisturizer, I highly recommend Physiogel AI cream… I have made a post on this cream before, but I felt the need to reiterate just how amazing this stuff is. It helps protect skin from free radicals,regenerates skin’s protective barrier, helps relieve redness in dry, sensitive skin and is also non-comedogenic.

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used… so far ;)